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      10% off chromatography and spectroscopy lab supplies

      Enter promo code '2326' at checkout to receive 10% off your online order.

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      AssayMAP has new compliance-enabling features

      Automated sample prep for the entire biotherapeutic development process.

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      Advance in drug discovery and IMT- view XF Pro Analyzer

      Elevate your target research with an enhanced live-cell metabolic assay platform.

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      Measuring nutrients critical to our food supply

      A trusted partner for farmers, AgSource delivers accurate and fast results

      Learn more


      Comprehensive genomic profiling for solid tumors

      Advance precision oncology and gain molecular insights with a new NGS assay.



      Wondering which HPLC column to select for your method?

      Use our eSelector tool to find your column by agency method, phase chemistry and more.

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      Now Part of Agilent


      An early-stage company that developed the first commercially available ExD cell.

      Avida Biomed

      Developer of high-performance target enrichment workflows for cancer research

      Polymer Standards Service

      A provider of solutions in the field of polymer characterization.

      Resolution Bioscience

      A fast-growing innovative leader in next generation sequencing (NGS) based oncology solutions.

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